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If you are looking for a car rental, Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC, has a full spectrum of car rental options to meet your car rental needs and your car rental budget. Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC, offers a variety of car rental options, including: compact car rentals; intermediate car rentals; full size car rentals; SUV rentals; Pickup truck rentals; Minivan rentals; 12 Passenger van rentals; 15 Passenger van rentals. If you’re renting a car on a budget, renting a car for business travel, or renting a van to move an entire team, we have the right rental vehicle option for you.

Our mission is to serve our clients by exceeding their expectations. When you rent a car from Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC, you get the perks of unlimited mileage and flexible payment options. Our large inventory also allows you to choose the right rental car to meet your car rental needs as well as your car rental budget. We’re in the business of making renting a car an enjoyable experience. Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC, – the name says it all!

Van Rental Greenville SC

We take the hassle out of traveling with a group. Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC specializes in large vehicle rentals, including: passenger van rentals, minivan rentals, truck rentals, and SUV rentals. Enjoy the convenience of a van rental for your next trip. If you need to travel as a group, we have the van rental option to meet your need. Our 12-passenger van rentals and 15-passenger van rentals offer sufficient room to transport large groups of people or large items.

Need more room? Group travel is more enjoyable with a little elbow space. Groups appreciate the extra room offered in our 12-passenger van rentals and 15-passenger van rentals. Save time and money! Instead of trying to coordinate a car pool; save time, resources, and gas money by traveling as a group in a van rental. Plus, it’s easier to keep track of your whole party if you don’t split up into separate rental cars.

Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC offers passenger van rental options to help you move your group without breaking the bank. Consolidate rental expenses into one van rental and keep the whole group together, instead of renting multiple vehicles. When you rent a large van, you can fit your entire group plus luggage and gear! Ride in a spacious passenger van rental, at your own pace, without leaving anyone behind or separated when you rent a van from Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC.

Commercial Car Rental Greenville SC

If your business utilizes car rentals, we encourage you to partner with Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC. Commercial accounts are welcome and we offer discounted rates for our business partners. You can count on our superior customer service and discounted rates to help your business keep moving in the right direction! We take the work out of business travel.

If you are looking for options for group travel with your work, we specialize in van rental options. Travel as a team to your next team-building outing, business retreat, or large meeting in a van rental. You can talk strategy and strengthen team bonding when you travel together as a team in your business van rental.

Buy Cars In Greenville SC

Many of our car rental customers end up loving their car rental so much that they hate to part ways. Best Rent A Car of Greenville, SC offers options for you to purchase your rental vehicle. We sell hundreds of well-maintained vehicles at wholesale pricing. Visit us to buy the vehicle you need at an affordable price that you will love.

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