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Passenger Van Rental

Best Rent A Car specializes in van rentals in order to take the hassle out of traveling with a group. We offer: minivan rental, van rental, 12 passenger van rental, and 15 passenger van rental options. Large groups, likes sports teams and church groups, appreciate the extra space allotted in our 12 passenger vans and 15 passenger vans. A passenger van rental is great for group travel! There’s plenty of room in a 12-seater van to transport large items or large groups for any type of road trip. Plus, it’s easier to keep track of your whole party if you don’t split up into separate cars.

Whether you’re planning a road trip with your family, driving a group on a business trip, or simply need some extra cargo-carrying capacity for a weekend project, renting a van can be a convenient and relatively affordable option. Van rental fits your entire family or your whole team for an unforgettable road trip. Ride in maximum comfort, at your own pace, without leaving anyone behind or separated. Reserve your van today!

15 Passenger Vans

12 Passenger Vans


Van Rental Perks

No Wear and Tear on Your Personal Vehicle: Road trips can be hard on your car. Increased mileage depreciates the value of your vehicle, not to mention the need for an oil change or pre-trip tune-up prior to travel. If you rent a van, you won’t be putting the extra miles on your personal vehicle. Reserve a van rental so your personal vehicle will be in the same condition when you return. When you rent a van for a business trip or leisure vacation, you avoid putting excess wear and tear on your personal vehicle. This can lower your maintenance and repair costs over time.

More Space so You Won’t Feel Cramped: When you’re in a vehicle for an extended period of time, extra space can make all the difference. Renting a passenger van for your vacation lets you choose a vehicle that has more space than your car. A little extra legroom and space for bags can go a long way toward making the trip more comfortable. Plus, you may experience fewer family squabbles between the kids if they have some extra space (of course, this is not a guarantee). Options like our 15 passenger van rental or 12 passenger van rental are great for large groups; any extra seats not used can store luggage, equipment, or supplies.

Save Money! Van Rental is a Cost Effective Option: Renting a passenger van for your vacation is a great choice in terms of price and comfort. With our low rates, you can pool together gas money from everyone who is riding along, and the trip will practically pay for itself. It’s a better option to travel in one van rental versus multiple car rentals because you will save on purchasing rental insurance multiple times, paying any taxes and fees multiple times, and you’ll also experience less stress compared to trying to coordinate travel as a group of multiple vehicles.

Reduce Stress and Costs Associated with Vehicle Maintenance: If your car is an older model, it may not be functioning at its best. While the vehicle may be fine for everyday use, long hours on the road can be hard on the engine. By renting a passenger van for your vacation, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is in excellent condition.

Taking a vacation involves several preparations, from packing to making sure reservations are in order. If you’re driving your own car, you’ll have to add another task to the list: car maintenance. You don’t want to set off on a long trip without knowing your car is in its top driving condition. Pre-trip tune-ups, oil changes, and any other car maintenance needs can be costly and time consuming. Van rental alleviates this extra burden. Don’t stress, we’ll take care of all the maintenance needs and pre-trip vehicle details on your passenger van rental.

More Space = More People: A standard car usually seats about five people, and a minivan or SUV may accommodate up to seven. What do you do if you want to take a trip with a larger group? Renting a passenger van for your vacation gives you the freedom to expand your party to up to 15 people. The more, the merrier!

Fit Everyone Together for Convenience: Most commonly a rental van is needed when going camping, taking a team to a game or traveling to a sports game, retreat, field trip, group activity, or church event. Since everyone is going to the same place, it makes sense to travel together. Enjoy the group atmosphere for the entire journey when you travel together. You’ll make memories as a group and no one will miss out. Also, you’ll avoid the hassle of trying to coordinate traveling as a caravan.

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